Female presenter (Thai national) – Part-time – 1,000Baht a day.

The role

Exciting times!!! The Farangbowl is currently looking for and auditioning presenters for the ‘Lifestyle’ segment of the magazine’s YouTube Channel. You will be required to co-present the Channel with James Alexander and meet and interview guests, tell great stories, and have an adventure.

Note: This segment is filmed once a month and that is the only day you will be required. We repeat this is for just one full day a month. If you become a valuable team player then you could be asked to do more.

The requirement

Ideally, you will be aged between 18 – 30yrs and have experience in presenting in front of the camera. Professional previous experience is not essential, if you look like fun and come across well on camera then we’ll consider you.

You will be full of energy, creative, patient, professional and be prepared to work a full day and bring a wealth of ideas. You might also be required to help carry equipment to each location, however, nothing heavy.

How to apply

If you are interested then please forward a showreel link (YouTube upload) of your previous work or a private video of yourself talking in front of the camera about anything to the following email address with this line in the subject bar ‘Female presenter (Thai national) – Part time’.

Due to the potential of high volume applications the Farangbowl can not guarantee being able to respond to all applicants, however, the team will if they can.

Thank you for considering the Farangbowl.