Welcome to the ‘Farangbowl’ or ‘The Bowl’ magazine as it is sometimes referred to.

This channel is the sister platform to the YouTube Channel and Instagram page of the same name and were all created with a view to providing engaging and interesting content on the incredible country of Thailand and all that happens within it. Farang meaning “foreigner” and “bowl” being a container for information.

Created by myself James Alexander, I intend this publication to be a monthly readers digest for Thai nationals, ex-pats or foreigners living in the country, and for all those that have either visited and enjoyed their time here or who just love Thailand.

Apart from myself, there will be a number of contributors who will be providing content, writing under their own names, using pseudonyms or just writing as The Bowl.

There will be no contentious or politically motivated articles published here.

Our mission statement is “To make interesting, entertaining, useful, and humorous content that promotes featured individuals and their businesses”.

Contributors of the Farangbowl will be added as the Magazine and YouTube Channel grows, and the coverage will broaden with content coming from as many parts of Thailand as we can manage given we are totally independent.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and read this page. Please do subscribe to receive up to date notifications on all that we post.

Take care, the Farangbowl.

James Alexander – Founder of the Farangbowl.