‘Crypto Thailand’ The Finstable HQ in Chalong, Phuket.

Just as you approach the Chalong cirle round-a-bout on Chaofa West Road heading south in Phuket, some of you might have seen a large building called BTC Space and a sign saying Crypto Coff. We always thought it was either a cafe or social networking hub, however, given its size we thought it could even be a hotel.

Curiosity got the better of us and we arranged a meeting with management and the Group PR Manager Khun Joe. What we discovered was not what we expected and we were overwhelmed by not only the high tech services on the BTC Space building, but the parent Group company called ‘Finstable’, its Thai billionaire CEO, and the incredible Head Offices that are nearing completion behind the BTC Space building.

Left to right: James Alexander and Khun Joe.

Finstable Co, Ltd Thailand has been incoroporated for just two years and in this short time has become a tech giant. It specializes in bitcoin and blockchain technology. Apart from having its own bitcoin currency that can be traded within the BTC Space building (where the array of hard drive vaults are on display), Finstable has made its name in digitally tokenising assets in order to make them more accessible to investors. If for example several people wanted to invest in a 50Million baht property, however, could not afford individually, Finstable would produce digital tokens that own a share of that property. This enbles each investor to jointly purchase the property at a fraction of the cost and own a piece of the action.

“The first time I invested in Bitcoin I lost money”.

Khun Joe – PR Manager for the Finstable Group.

Following the interview, Khun Joe kindly gave the Bowl a guided tour of their facility. This included, some impressive luxury meeting space that can only be accessed by face scan, toilets with star lit ceilings, a sky bar lounge, a 2,000 capacity live music hall, a VR Gaming lounge (The largest in Thailand) all available to the public and on the fifth floor!, and acres and acres of soon to be occupied workspace.

This tour was a eye popping experience and I urge readers to watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading.

James Alexander

Company details

Finstable Co, Ltd

Address: 5/13 M.B T Chalong, Muang Phuket 83000

Call: 076 682 244

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Finstable/

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/2MEGuVyPFp417pCf9

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Address: Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

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