‘Yamaha YZF R6’ – Sayan Big Bikes, Phuket.

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The Farangbowl has featured many great machines since it started, however, this format has typically involved meeting vehicle owners, hearing about their businesses, and then filming them driving around Phuket. And there is nothing wrong with that, however, both Ad and I have been wanting to actually review vehicles ourselves and perhaps move in a direction not dissimilar to that almighty show of all motoring shows ‘Top Gear’ (to include motorbikes).

Sayan Big Bikes in Patong.

When the Bowl happened to stumble across ‘Sayan Big Bikes’ (SBB) in Patong when looking for a bike to ride on a planned trip, it occurred to me that a great opportunity had presented itself. Following a talk with the owners of ‘Sayan’, they agreed to loan the Bowl bikes that Ad and I could ride and review and in turn we would promote their business. Everyone’s happy.

“This bike is noisy, its either noisy, bloody noisy, or menace”.

James Alexander – Farangbowl Magazine.

The number and types of bikes available at SBB is plentiful and caters for all riding styles. Today the bike of choice was a Yamaha YZF R6.

We got the camera’s out and ran through the factory stats for this delightful little machine. Ad informed me that the R6 is a 499cc, in line four, liquid cooled 123bhp engine. She has upfront, upside down, fully adjustable shocks, and at the rear, she has a fully adjustable mono shock. Her top speed in 133mph or 214kph.

The Yamaha YZF R6

With the details out the way, we mounted the cameras to the car and got to filming the review.

The R6 has developed a bit of a following and I could immediately see why. Now, I’m a huge fan of the R1, that is the 1,000cc big brother to the R6 and the bike I did a trip to Ao Nang from Phuket on last year with Ad and Les. This R6 was sending me similar vibes although delivered in a smaller package. That is not to say that this R6 isn’t quick, because she is!!! I was not planning on racing this bike, as demonstrating dangerous riding is not what the Farangbowl is about, it is more for the journalists to give and honest review of what riding or driving vehicles is like in our opinions.

Starting with comfort, I did feel happy on the R6. It was here that I was remembering the R1 that is clearly slightly bigger. That being said, the R6 was comfortable and nimble.  

This model has been living in a rental shop and dare I say it been driven around the Island by people who don’t really know what they’re doing and probably doing it too quickly. That being said, the brakes on the bike were good and she slowed and stopped when I wanted her to.

Being a smaller machine, I got the impression you could (if you wanted) throw this bike in and out of the corners with ease. Yamaha appeared to have got the bikes balance right and the suspension felt comfortable enough for you consider long distance riding yet feel capable to adopt a race mode style and use the throttle if so desired.

Talking of long-distance riding on THIS R6. This R6 was equipped with a very short a stubby AR racing exhaust pipe that does sounds interesting for the first 10 to 15mins, however, soon starts to get on your nerves. The trouble is, the bike doesn’t really sound happy until she is up around 4,000rpm. This means she will cough and blurt when trying (desperately) to ride slowly in towns and traffic. When you get her over and above 4,000cc she screams like a wailing banshee and takes off like a scolded cat. This immediately gave me the impression that this machine is ideal for the race track. I did honestly get the feeling that the locals could start to throw objects at me if I where to repeatedly drive up and down the same roads. To reiterate this issue “This bike is noisy, its either noisy, bloody noisy, or menace”.

To summerise the R6. I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and ride. I would personally do something about the exhaust just to domesticate this beast. Apart from that, a huge thumbs up from the Bowl.

Thank you to Khun Run and Pai at Sayan Big Bike Rentals for loaning the Bowl the Yamaha R6. If anyone is interested in in renting a bike when in Thailand this would be a good place to start.

To all supporters of the Farangbowl, thank you for reading.

James Alexander

Company details

Sayan Big Bike Rent Patong

Owner: Mr Run.

Address: 2, 7 Sirirat Rd, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

Call: 095 946 4416

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sayanchawadee/

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/qzjZpvVXkskXCdWs9

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Farangbowl YouTube Channel – Yamaha YZF R6, Phuket, Thailand.