‘Pondrudy’ – The Thai Instagram sensation.

I’m a self-confessed social networking fiend. If I’m not watching YouTube videos, then I’m rifling through Instagram pages seeing what my favorite influencers are up to. One Instagrammer that featured in the ‘Farangbowls Instagram Asian Female Models and Influencers 2021’ who the ‘Bowl’ follow, just ticks every box. She’s attractive, young, successful and has her whole future ahead of her. Her name is Pondrudy and with over 13.4k followers we just had to get in touch.

Left to right: James and Katie outside the Bucha Gallery Restaurant, Chalong Phuket, Thailand.

Pondrudy agreed to an interview, and we met at the ‘Bucha Gallery Restaurant’ in Chalong. I was of course exited to be meeting Pondrudy in person, however, I was also pleased that this was the first time I had a female co-host to present with. Welcome Katie!!!

“To start on Instragram, know what you love and like and post about that”.

Pondrudy  – Professional Instagrammer, Chalong, Phuket.
Katie and Pond in the interview.

Pondrudy arrived in a stunning classical outfit that suited our venue for the day perfectly. Once we sat I started with the questions. Pond is from the South of Thailand right on the border to Malaysia. Her Instagram account was started 10yrs ago, however, she has only been professionally posting for the last 4yrs.

James having a laugh with Kaite and Pond.

Pond has 3 Instagram accounts, one for her lifestyle vlogging where she shares photos of restaurants she’s visited and holiday snaps, another where she posts photos of personal clothing she sells onto her followers and a third where followers can buy brand new labels that she endorses.

I was surprised to hear that Instagramming is not Ponds main line of work and that she is in fact a freelance wine supplier selling wines to various businesses (I imagine from hotels to bars an restaurants). This is a line of work that she has been involved with for many years.

I asked Pond why she decided to become a professional Instagrammer and if she had any advice for someone looking to start their own account. She told us that she has always enjoyed travelling and reviewing the places she visits and loves sharing those moments with others. With regards to advice she replied, “To start on Instragram, know what you love and like and just post about that”. It all sounds so simple coming from this delightful young lady, who I’d like to add was charming a good fun to talk to.

I put my final question forward regarding Ponds future plans and it turns out the future will be bright and busy and wine related. Pond is setting up her own wine shop and restaurant and is currently in the process of locating a venue. Katie and I were assured of an invitation to come and taste some wines which we gladly accepted.

We thanked Pondrudy for her time and headed to the beach to film a lifestyle montage of Pondrudy looking great, which she did, effortlessly.

Thank you Pondrudy for spending time with the Farangbowl. It was great to finally meet you. Thank you also to Bucha Gallery Restaurant for allowing us to make the interview.

To all supporters of the Farangbowl, thank you for reading.

James Alexander

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Bucha Gallery Restaurant (Thai food restaurant)

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Farangbowl YouTube Channel – ‘Pondrudy’ the Instagram sensation, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand.