‘฿25 Million baht luxury villa, Chalong, Phuket.

I’ve always wanted to feature real estate on the Farangbowl Magazine and perhaps even start a property playlist for the YouTube Channel. There’s something that I think intrigues us all when viewing property of any kind really. It’s either to do with seeing what you could get given your current financial circumstances or peering into the glamorous world of how those that are more fortunate live.

Left to right: James and Boo, Freelance Real Estate Agent, Phuket, Thailand.

Boo is a friend and freelance real estate agent and she kindly agreed to show the ‘Bowl’ around a ฿25 Million baht (£594,000 or $694,00) luxury pool villa in Chalong, Phuket. The plot that the showroom villa we were about to view was on, is a building site with the remaining 9 villas very much still under construction. When completed the estate will be quiet and right on the coast of Phuket looking out at a true 360 degree sea view. This was very impressive.

Boo walked us into the property passing a parking space for one vehicle. The front door was a solid teak wood panel that felt reassuringly firm. The light switch fixtures also looked like quality components.

Large open dining and lounge area.

You are first presented with a huge open dining and lounge area that sits adjacent to a long swimming pool that can be seen through large glass bay panel doors that lets in the perfect amount of light. Joining these rooms is the kitchen area that could handle most entertaining requirements. I think a breakfast bar could be installed here without disrupting the current space.

Open kithcen area.

All 3 rooms in this villa are en-suite with downstairs having its own guest bathroom which is next to a utility laundry washroom area. Its worth pointing out that both these rooms are spacious.

The ground floor 1st double bedroom is large and well-proportioned. There is also a wardrobe corridor with a dressing table that leads to the bathroom. All the materials used here are clearly quality and give the level of comfort and experience most good five star hotels provide.  This room also benefits from a view of the pool.

“This villa is pretty cheap actually when compared to other areas of Phuket, like Chern Thalay”.

Boo, Freeland Real Estate Agent  – Chalong, Phuket.

I asked Boo for the full price of this property and she told me that it’s ฿23 Million baht, however, ฿25 Million baht with all the furniture. I said that is a lot of money and Boo replied: “This villa is pretty cheap actually when compared to other areas of Phuket, like Chern Thalay”.

The swimming pool was as long as the house with a small amount of garden around its perimeter. Two quality sun loungers are at one of the pool that are suitably shaded by an umbrella.   

There is a great use of lighting and plants in this villa. Just before you ascend to the second floor at the foot of the stairs there is a large square built in green area containing green plants that stretch up the stairwell. A good balance of structure and nature.

The solid bright floor lit stairwell winds up to the second floor where the remaining two rooms are located. The first one is a little larger than the ground floor and has a small dividing area where a desk and laptop could be worked from giving the impression you are not quite in the bedroom. Again, we see the wardrobe corridor area with dresser table and a bathroom that looks straight out onto the 360-degree view. This was a good use of space and location. The large plasma televisions in each room were well placed as was the furniture. One thing that stood out for me was the use of the soft tone soothing colours and how well balanced everything felt. The furniture, tiles, baths and shower units all looked and felt well made.

The master bedroom was the final room we viewed. Sporting two of its own balconies, larger bedroom area, and a huge private bathroom, it was the most impressive. I liked the fact that the master bathroom felt private with the only window being that which looks out onto the balcony.

In all this villa has 3 exceptional rooms with en-suites and a guest bathroom dowstairs. It is well decorated with a view to retire with. I can’t see this property staying on the market too long.

Left to right: James thanking Boo.

This was a great experience and certainly the first of many property reviews on the island of Phuket. It you have any thoughts or comments then please get scribbling.

Thank you to the developers and to Boo for showing us around this incredible property.

Thank you too, readers.

James Alexander

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