DJ Groove’ – Phuket’s coolest DJ.

For those of you that might partake in Phuket’s world renown party scene at the weekends, you might have been to a private boat party, beach or super club and witnessed the talents of one of Phuket’s coolest DJ’s. His name is DJ Groove, half English, half Thai, a 100% showman, superb DJ and all-round great guy.

DJ Groove (Parish), in interview with the Farangbowl, Phuket, Thailand.

Most articles about Groove’s performances refer to his extreme and eccentric displays of energy (I challenge you to go to a gig of his where he doesn’t climb on or swing from furniture) and of course his thumping selection of crowd pleasing super charged tunes.

“When I perform, I’m right there with the audience”.

DJ Groove, International DJ and Music Producer.
Meg Khram restaurant.

Groove and I met at the stunning cliff view Meg Khram restaurant in Patong and I eagerly moved forward with the questions. Born and raised in Bangkok until the age of 7, DJ Groove aka Parish moved to Reading in the UK for some years to live with the English side of his family. He eventually made his way back to Thailand and found himself working for a promotions company putting on events. In an attempt to keep client costs down where possible, in 2014 he taught himself to DJ from watching YouTube and used to play at various functions.

The Submarine 223 Bar at Meg Khram restaurant.

During Groove’s time performing and perfecting his skills as a DJ, he managed to appear on a dating show in Thailand where he gained a fanbase and performed his music. It was at this point that he was demand and his career really started to move.

Inspired by house music from several DJ’s to include man of the moment James Hype, Groove describes his sound as generically house music with sub genres tech house, techno house, tropical, and deep house. I went through his schedule for the month and it’s fair to say this man is busy; with several dates at Catch Beachclub, Tann Terrace, and the Bay View Hotel to name but a few, I asked Groove how he copes with this lifestyle and what he does in his spare time. “I’ve just got a new puppy and I spend as much time with her as I can. I get her to the beach when possible”.

I told Groove that if had a 100baht for every time I’d been to one of his gigs or seen a picture of him hanging off or dancing on furniture, I’d be a wealthy man. I asked him whether this energy was brought on by the performance or if this was the real Groove. He replied. “When I perform, I’m right there with the audience”. He added “I deliver my energy into the performance”.

Now firmly rooted into Phuket Islands way of life and still travelling to various gigs outside of Phuket and abroad, I asked what the future had install. “I’m looking play more internationally and to work with music producers on some music and eventually get signed as an artist”. “My new website is launching any day now and all my energy is focused on my DJ career”. I could see that there is no stopping a man with this kind of energy and belief. If he wants it, he will get it. I thanked Groove for his time speaking to the Bowl and got prepared for filming his gig that night at Illuzion nightclub in Patong, Phuket.

The Farangbowl followed Groove into the venue and watched as he did the rounds greeting guests, saying hi to the club’s staff, management and friends. The route through to the backstage private area and then on to the stage filled you with a sense of a rock and roll performance. Groove walked on stage, greeted the DJ’s, set up his music and prepared. Once he was up, the music died, and a rumble began. Then Groove’s iconic logo appeared on the huge 100ft screen behind the booth and the crowed cheered. The music blast into action, the sound system went up a gear, smoke fired into the dance floor and the club started jumping.

Scenes of people letting go of their inhibitions, getting crazy and for these precious hours believing that tomorrow didn’t exist were abundant. All this accentuated by the charismatic DJ Groove, who at times was either behind the DJ booth mixing up a storm, dancing on the stage, or pouring shots of spirits into guests’ mouths.

He was the man of the party. Like a modern day messiah, he took his beloved disciples under his wing, read their energy and guided them through the night on his roller coaster of fun and good times.

Thank you to DJ Groove and his management team. The interview was superb, and the gig was great fun. Thank you to Meg Khram for allowing the Bowl to film the interview at their wonderful cliff view restaurant and of course our friends Illuzion nightclub for allowing the Farangbowl to film. It’s much appreciated.

To all supporters of the Farangbowl, thank you for reading.

James Alexander

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