Superstar ‘DJ Nakadia’ – Illuzion nightclub, Phuket.

In line with our recent run-on DJ’s (DJ Claudia Diamond and DJ Sunisaa) within the Culture section, the Bowl thought it would go for gold and try and reach out to a DJ who is currently on the international circuit. The one name that sprang to mind is one of Thailand’s favorite daughters, none other than DJ Nakadia. The DJ, Music Producer, Author, Thai native (born in Khon-buri) and all-round inspiration replied to our request to film and interview her with open arms.

Illuzion nightclubs lit screen sign for DJ Nakdia, Phuket, Thailand.

I personally love dance music, I even mix records in the office when I have free time, so you’ll appreciate that this was a huge score for me personally and the Farangbowl. I was really excited with the prospect of watching Nakadia play live at the intimate gig put on by Shelter at Illuzion nightclub, and to meet her in person.

“The first time I went into a night club and listened to techno music, I looked up at Sebastian and said, I want to be a DJ”.

DJ Nakadia, International DJ and Music Producer.
The Illuzion nightclub award.

It might surprise you to know that Illuzion nightclub on Bangla Road is a prestigious dance music venue and was voted no. 15 best nightclubs in the world by DJ Magazine. That is impressive. Myself and my cameraman arrived at the gig and got to filming the swelling crowd as they lined up to enter the superclub to see the queen of techno perform her magic. 

Guests pouring into the Club.

The atmosphere was electric, and you just knew that this evening had a special guest arriving and that you were in for an interesting evening.

We entered the club and watched as it filled out and guests took to their positions. Some out front wanting to get down and sweaty on the dancefloor, others going for a civilized table in Illusion’s VIP area.

The lady herself soon arrived and just radiated star quality. The manager and security of Illuzion escorted her with lit torches to the VIP area where she was greeted by her friends and guests.

When Nakadia took to the DJ booth the crowd went wild and for next three hours they’re lives were in her hands. We were all taken on a roller coaster ride as this consummate professional turntablist threw out one huge track after the other. If you were human, you were tapping your feet to the beat.

Nakadia played several of her own tracks during the cause of the evening/morning all met with praise from her disciples. As the three-hour set drew to a close, we packed up and prepared for the interview the following day.

Nakadia agreed to meet the Farangbowl in the Executive Lounge of the Kee Hotel in Patong at 15:00. We were all understandably tired given the previous evenings schedule, however, following formalities we got straight into the questions.

When asked about her upbringing – as a poor farmer’s daughter and being the youngest of five – and whether she remembers those hardships, she told the Bowl that during that time she knew no different. She said we did not go around telling each other or thinking that we were poor and we new nothing of the outside world. She had happy memories of this time. To be honest this perfect answer made me feel embarrassed about the question.

I moved on to her music career and asked what that feeling was like the first time she entered a nightclub and listened to techno music, and she said, “The first time I went into a night club and listened to techno music, I looked up at Sebastian and said, I want to be a DJ”. Right there and then I thought I caught that same look Nakadia must have had on her face all those years ago. Steely and determined.

This lady’s prestigious career to date is breathtaking. After playing and practicing for just one year in 2003, her career took off. By 2005 she had played in 100 venues from Brazil at Club Managa Rosa, across most of Europe then heading east to as far as Hong Kong and Seoul in South Korea. During her first 17 years DJ’ing she has performed over 1,700 times across 72 countries playing in Ushaia in Ibiza, D’ Edge in Sao Paulo and various other prestigious venues in Belgium, Germany and Amsterdam. In 2005 she had a feature interview in THE DJ magazine Mixmag; and in 2018 Mixmag ran a feature video on the Thai dance music scene called Global Dancefloor Thailand featuring Nakadia, Mendy Indigo and XO8O9.

I told Nakadia that although I’m not Thai, I do love this country and that I’m proud of what she has achieved and I’m inspired by her life. I asked how she dealt with or felt about her success. She told of how she was personally responsible for the rising dance music scene in Thailand that started nearly two decades ago and how she loved that contribution. Nakadia added that she feels proud when people on the dancefloor appreciate her music. This is a humble lady who is not fazed by the glamour of her status.

As a music producer Nakadia is prolific. An EP released in 2019 on label Filth on Acid was met with global recognition staying in the Beatport charts for two consecutive weeks. Releases can also be found on Carl Cox’s – the king of techno – label Intec. When asked how music can be produced when on tour, Nakadia told the Bowl how she puts ideas into Ablteton live software on an iPad or Laptop and then sits with a co-producer when she returns to the studio to work out the details.

Left to right: James Alexander and DJ Nakadia having a laugh at the Kee Hotel in Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

As an author Nakadia has just released a book that she wrote with her manager whilst in quarantine. Called ‘Positive Energy’ this is a story of events and facts that have led her to this point in her career. This is a story that was started several years ago and written in Thai to inspire Thai people. During the global health concern, she finally got it completed. It sounds like a compelling read, and I was kindly gifted a copy.

Berlin is Nakadia’s home now and we listened as she told stories of how cool and balanced life is there. “Its not Germany, its really international” she added. Now finally settled in a permanent apartment in Berlin with her lounge set up as a music studio, Nakadia looks to be right where she wants to be, and it couldn’t be more deserved. She will still be returning to Thailand to visit family usually around January and February but for now touring is on the agenda. Following a recent sellout first time gig in New York, the USA and its ever-growing techno dance scene appears to be beckoning. The Farangbowl is quite sure the USA is in for a real treat.

Left to right: James saying goodbye to DJ Nakadia.

Thank you to DJ Nakadia and to her manager Sebastian for making his happen. We had a great time at the gig, and we really enjoyed meeting you both.

To all supporters of the Farangbowl, thank you for reading.

James Alexander

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