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I had the pleasure of meeting Elliot at the ‘Red Party’ grand opening of the Club ZHU nightclub in Rawai, Phuket earlier this year (see previous article). Elliot is one of the founders of a promotions company called ‘Sail Away Party’ who are responsible for the monthly Full Moon Parties staged at Tiger Beach in Chalong and some Foam Boat Parties that have recently been making waves (pardon the pun). It’s the latter that this review is about as Elliot kindly asked the Farangbowl to come along and review their party.

Left to right: James and Elliot from ‘Sail Away Party’, AA Marina, Ko Sire near Phuket.

Not wanting to disappoint, the Bowl made its way to AA Marina pier on Ko Sire – an island literally next door to Phuket – last Saturday and signed up for a nautical adventure. During an interview Elliot told the Bowl how he didn’t really have much experience in promoting prior to his activities in Phuket.

“Given the recent global difficulties there doesn’t seem to be any promoters here in Phuket. We’ve taken an opportunity and grown exponentially”.

Elliot – Co-Founder of Sail Away Party, Phuket.
The mini buses arriving with guests.

Elliot told the Farangbowl that “Given the recent global difficulties there doesn’t seem to be any promoters here in Phuket. We’ve taken an opportunity and grown exponentially”. The Full Moon Party they staged last month had 500 people attend – Farangbowl Magazine was there, and it was great – and this boat party was a sellout at 250. Elliot is smart, cool and calculated and knows what he is doing and being young, has all his life ahead of him.

The comfortable ferry taxis.

Once the guests signed into the boat and got their wristbands, we were all ushered toward the small ferry taxes that would take us to the mother ship in the harbor. These ferry taxis were comfortable and could carry a healthy amount of people. The ride took less than a minute and we were all helped aboard our new home.

The boat had three floors, the first had a dining area where food was served and of course the all-important bar. The second floor was the lounge come dancefloor where all the action takes place. The third floor was the rooftop sun lounge area where you could relax and sunbathe or take a trip down one of the boats two water slides. As the boat moved away from the marina, we passed several islands all stunning and picturesque.

The music started pumping as DJ Parish Groove took to the booth and caused a riot. This charismatic man’s energy and stage presence coupled with the alcohol being consumed obliterated any inhibitions the guests brought on board and everyone got down to the business of partying.

Some guests took the sea waters for a swim and to ride some of the jet skis available for hire. Finger food was served, and people really started to bond with one another. You could see people let go of their stresses in life and take to the dancefloor and party like know ones watching.

DJ Bonggaboy took over from Groove and slowed the pace with some RnB and Hip-Hop with support from the talented MC Versace. DJ Alex Amaxx took to the stage at sunset where he held the rains all evening. Its was at this point that the Foam Machines erupted, and everyone went crazy. I could honestly say that I did not see one person not smiling and having a great time.

It was comforting to also see good security guards on board that were professional and constantly scanning the boat assuring that guests were okay.

The music played by the DJ’s was superb and ranged from hip-hop to tech house to more commercial favorites all applauded by the revelers. This Foam Boat Party is a hot ticket and for once it can truthfully be said that booking will avoid disappointment.

James Alexander praising the event and saying fairwell to the Foam Boat Party.

The party went on until 19:00 with the first round of guests being ferried back to the marina for 19:30. I was one of those, as I was shattered as filming this event was a workout. I spoke to several guests as they left the pier, and all sounded like they had the time of their lives.

Thank you to Elliot and Ed from ‘Sail Away Party’ and all involved at ‘Hush’ Phuket. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

James Alexander

Company details

Sail Away Party – Phuket

Owner:  Elliot

Address: 46, 20 Soi Chalong, Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83130

Call: 095 449 5689


Instagram: @sail_away_party



Hush Phuket

Instagram: @hush.phuket


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Farangbowl YouTube Channel – Wild Foam Boat Party, Ko Sire, Phuket, Thailand.