‘V-Engine Phuket’ and the Kawasaki ZX-14R

Part of our day-to-day routine at the Farangbowl Magazine is to always keep an eye out for interesting content that would make a great feature/story/video. This is even more relevant when the motoring section is concerned as finding vehichles to film can be tricky.

I’d seen a custom Hayabusa riding around the island, however, I’ve either not seen the owner when I’ve seen the bike, or I’ve had a few too many to drink to have a serious conversation about reviewing it. I was driving to Phuket Town when I noticed the bike in a showroom called ‘V-Engine Phuket’ and following a brief wait, finally managed to meet the shop and bikes owner. He was such a nice man and more than happy to meet and allow the Bowl to review his business and bikes.

Left to right: Ad and James outside ‘V-Engine Phuket’,

Ad and I turned up and were a bit concerned as the weather reports hadn’t been too promising. We starting reviewing the bikes straight away and Mr. Fu pulled out a Kawasaki ZX-10R, his custom Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II and an almighty Kawsaki ZX-14.

“When I was 8yrs old, I used to sit by the road in Hat Yai where I’m from and watch big bikes pass by. Ever since then I’ve always loved and wanted to own big bikes”.

Khun Fu – Owner of ‘V-Engine Phuket’.

I asked Mr Fu how he came to fall for motorbikes in such a big way and he said “When I was 8yrs old, I used to sit by the road in Hat Yai where I’m from and watch big bikes pass by. Ever since then I’ve always loved and wanted to own big bikes”. You could tell that these machines were his life and it was a pleasure talking to a likeminded soul.

Left to right: James, Mr. Fu and Ad.
Khun Don – Business partner of ‘V-Engine Phuket’.

We started by looking at the 2019 ZX-10R first and met with the bikes owner – Mr. Fu’s business partner – Don. Khun Don said he’d owned the bike for a couple of years now. I believe the bike was a 2019 that he’d made look like a 2021 using updated fairing, however, this wasn’t entirely clear. Ad owns a 2004 ZX-10R and for me personally I think his is a much better-looking bike.

Left ot right: Kawasaki ZX-10R and Hayabusa Gen II Custom.

Mr. Fu joined us again as we moved onto his project and pride, a stunning custom Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II custom.

Although I wasn’t a fan of the paintjob and the fact there was a bit too much chrome going on for me, I did appreciate it. Obvious modifications were an elongated swing arm, upgraded steering dampers, suspension, and brake discs, and a 280mm rear tire!!! The last time I saw a tire this size on a vehicle must have been a Lamborghini.

Other mods included a short exhaust pipe and really cool air ride suspension. It was like a pimped up low rider car; however, it was a motorbike. We listened to this bike start up and she howled and sent the hairs on my neck north. I was excited.

The Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II Custom.
The Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II Custom 280mm tires.

We finally met the star of the show, the Kawasaki ZX-14 – Suzuki Hayabusa killer – as Ad puts it. This was for a time the fasted road legal production bike in the world and took the crown from the Hayabusa.

This was a factory standard European bike so there were no mods to reports. Whilst the weather was drizzling but mildly on our side we hit roads to film.

This bike has real presence on the road and we urge you to watch the supporting video below. Such a distinctive Kawasaki sound when the throttle is opened up.

When we returned, we couldn’t help the feeling that as the car had all the cameras mounted that we get the Hayabusa in the can also. Although the weather turned against us, we did manage to get some cinematic footage of Mr. Fu’s custom Hayabusa that I’m quite sure any enthusiast will enjoy.

Upon our return Mr. Fu told us of his other business, ‘Fu Andaman Property’ from which he buys and sells property, mostly land. He told the Bowl how much better business was several years ago for buying and selling land and motorbikes. He did agree that business was starting to improve which is promising. He and his business partner are also fans of graphic novel and movie models which adorned his showroom.

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Fu and his business partner Don. A great couple of guys.

Saying farewell to ‘V-Engine Phuket’, Phuket, Thailand.

Thank you to Khun Fu and Don for giving up their time to talk with the Farangbowl. It was much appreciated.

James Alexander

Company details

V-Engine Phuket (Buy/Sell big bikes)

Owner:  Mr Fu.

Address: 16 115 ถ. พระภูเก็ตแก้ว Kathu, กะทู้ Phuket 83120

Call: 099 481 0611

Hrs: Open 11:00 Closes at 20:30

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V-Engine-Phuket-Harley-DavidsonBigbike-Buy-for-Sale-101789055928052/

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/CSBGvHkYUjhYQDoB8

Fu Andaman Property (Buy and sell property and land)

Owner:  Mr Fu.

Call: 091 826 1764

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fu.maitreetaweesup.5

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Farangbowl YouTube Channel – ‘V-Engine Phuket, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand.