It’s burger O’clock at ‘Prime Hamburgers’- Rawai, Phuket.

We all love a good burger, I know I do, and we all know that a Hamburger can be purchased from just about any restaurant you choose, however, are they any good? Gourmet burger restaurants have been appearing on the island and the Bowl hopes to visit them all at some point (waistlines permitting).

Following a visit to one such gourmet burger restaurant in Rawai called Prime Burgers, the owner welcomed the Farangbowl back to review the venue and try some food.

The front of Prime Burger restaurant in Rawai.

I met with manageress Pim, a charming and driven young lady who was clearly passionate about her job. Pim told the Farangbowl how Prime Burgers Thailand was brought to the country by a Swedish man and his friends and that there are now four units on the island. When asked, Pim replied that this burger restaurant stands out from the competition due to its freshly procured ingredients and the use of its own in house secret source recipes.

Pim, the Manageress of Prime Burger Thailand in Rawai.

There are just eight burgers to choose from and they are all named after cities like ‘New York’, ‘Dubai’ and ‘Bangkok’ and all have their own signature flavorings be it a classic burger (the New York) or something a bit spicier (cue the Bangkok). There are three default burger sizes ranging from Single, Double to Triple. Pim informed me that a Single could be too small and that most humans eat Doubles. This burger making exercise can however be abused and it has been known for customers to order a burger with five bread baps (two more sizes larger that the triple!!!). Those people are of course destined for hell.

“When you bite into the Dubai Chicken burger, you’re gonna experience a great taste”.

Pim, Manageress of Prime Burger Thailand, Rawai, Phuket.
Pim preparing the Dubai Chicken burger.

I got down to business and ordered a Single size Dubai Chicken burger and followed Pim to the kitchen as the boss prepared my meal. I watched as Pim warmed the baps and started deep frying a delicious looking piece of chicken. As she cooked, she looked up at me and said “When you bite into the Dubai Chicken burger, you’re gonna experience a great taste”. I couldn’t wait.

The restaurant is well furnished with European images on the walls such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a red telephone box in London from the UK. There is also a great sign quote on the wall by American actor Matthew McConaughey that read “Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius”. Pim said this was really popular with guests.

The Dubai Chicken burger arrived on the table and now it was time for the tasting. I know it was a Single sized burger and probably didn’t look as grand as a Double or a Triple, however, it drove it home on the flavor count. It was a succulent crispy piece of chicken with onions, homemade coleslaw and prawn source. My mouth loved me forever and I sat experiencing insurmountable pleasure for the duration of the burger.

If burgers are your gastronomic weapon of choice then I think Prime Burgers Thailand ought to find its way into your life at some point.

Thank you to Nik the owner of Prime Burgers and Pim for taking the time to speak to the Farangbowl and allow to do a review.

All the staff at Prime Burgers Thailand in Rawai.

Company details

Prime Hamburgers – Rawai

Owner: Nik

Manageress: Pim

Address: Prime Burger Rawai, 5, 36, Soi Wiset, Fishermans Way, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, 83100.

Call: 082 605 0245



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