‘Turning Japanese’ at the Future bar and Japanese restaurant.

I’m not sure which way most of you readers swing with regards to gastronomic delights, but I myself am partial to a bit Japanese food every now and then, in particular sushi.

The Future bar and Japanese restaurant on Viset road, Rawai, Phuket.

When an old friend of mine asked if the Farangbowl could come and review her newly formed restaurant I was delighted to help, however, I was wondering what would be unique and original to write about. Well, when my friend ‘Gay’ told me her restaurant had its own professionally trained chef and that the menu was Thai and Japanese to include the famed Sushi it was a no brainer.

Left to right: James Alexander and Gay, owner of the Future bar.

“I wanted to create something special and different ”.

Gay, owner and manager of the Future bar and resturant.

Those that are familiar with Thailand’s recent alcohol serving laws given the current global health issue will be aware that bars have been converting to restaurants in order to retain their licenses to sell alcohol. This has seen a raft of kitchens being installed into bars and all kind of cuisine being churned out from burgers and fries to traditional Thai food and snacks. With this in mind, I think it was a bold effort by ‘Gay’ to go one step further and make a go of owning a restaurant that actually has something unique to offer.

In interview ‘Gay’ went on to tell the Bowl that she herself has been living in Rawai for nearly 20yrs and that the Future bar itself is nearing its 7th birthday. I met ‘Gay’ some 10 years ago now and she still has this firm steely ambition to succeed and survive no matter what that she had when we met all those years ago. I really felt for her when she explained how the lack of tourists and money had her business on its knees and how she and her staff all knuckled down as a family and got through it. She was emotional and to see her liven up when we talked about this new business venture made me pleased to help gain her some exposure in anyway possible. When I asked her why a Japanese restaurant she replied “I wanted to create something special and different”. She added that she knew a friend that had just finished Japanese food school and was looking for work and offered her a job straight away.

Gay, the owner of the Future bar in interview with the Farangbowl.

We met with Japanese food trained chef Khun Emily and watched her prepare the incredible variety of Japanese food. Her skills in making Sashimi and Maki rolls was a pleasure to watch.

The food served on the table.
Gay laughing at dinner.

When the food arrived on the table ‘Gay’ gave me a guided tour of what was what and we then dined together. I was in awe of the food before me and was just sat munching away and having fun.

I do like my Sushi and in all honesty this was of a great standard and I imagine at a fraction of the cost a high street or franchise operation would charge. The flavours were incredible and there were times when I did not know which way to look and what to eat next.

My favorites were the California Maki rolls, the Teriyaki fish and the Thai Southern recipe fried chicken (I know this wasn’t Japanese but it was awesome).

After dinner ‘Gay’ introduced me to all the staff who I could see were delighted that business was starting to get back to normal. All credit to everyone in this country who must have really suffered during these testing times. Actually, a credit to everyone, everywhere!!!

Before I said goodbye to ‘Gay’ and the staff I looked around and asked myself whether this venue had successfully turned itself into a restaurant as well. My answer was yes, there was a charm about the place sitting at these tables eating this food in good company. All I will say is, if you’re wanting some good Sushi, some drinks and the company of friendly Thai staff then why not drop by if you find yourself in the area.

Left to right: James Alexander saying goodbye to bar owner ‘Gay’ and ched ‘Emily’.

Thank you to Gay and all the staff for making the Farangbowl feel welcome.

Thank you readers for all your support.

James Alexander

Company details

The Future Bar and Restaurant

Owner:  Gay

Address: 48/22 Moo 2. Viset road, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

Call: 083 209 7919

Website: https://thefuturebar-rawai.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gea2521/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/The-future-bar-rawai/100063849840963/

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/7ZFjTEAJuWYw5L3b7

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Farangbowl YouTube Channel – ‘The Future bar and Japanese restaurant’, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand.