Healthy eating in Rawai at the ‘Fit Geeks Restaurant’

During my daily travels around the island of Phuket I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants and juice bars opening up offering a healthier menu choice with food and drinks for vegetarians and vegans. These range from smoothies and organic ice creams to hot salad super bowls and energy fruit and nut pro bowl meals.

Fit Geels restaurant shop front.

Whilst filming an episode of the Farangbowl last year, I met a fellow ex-pat Brit called Lee and his Thai wife Eva. They told me about their new health food restaurant called ‘Fit Geeks’ in Rawai and invited me round to try some food. I couldn’t resist and today was the day I took them up on their kind offer.

When I arrived at ‘Fit Geeks’ I was expecting a normal restaurant with a healthy menu and in fairness thought the food might be a bit bland. I just thought of rabbit food (salads). I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Starting with the appearance of the venue, it looked really clean, modern and far from the usual restaurants in the area. This restaurant wouldn’t have looked out of place in the hi-so districts of Bangkok or even London England.

Booth seating at the Salad Bar.

There are several dining location options, the first being the really relaxing Al Fresco area outside the front which is well shaded from lunchtime, the row of seating and tables right opposite the Smoothie and Pro Bowl kitchen area and finally the booth seating area next door by the Salad Bar (image on the left).

I must say that I personally love booth seating area’s as they just add comfort and the right amount of private space.

“At Fit Geeks we go into a bit more detail as to why certain foods are good for you”.

Lee, co-owner of ‘Fit Geeks’.

I sat with Lee, his Thai wife Eva and Lee and Eva’s new business partner James an ex-pat from the United States. Lee told the Bowl how he and Eva moved to Phuket from their then home in Bangkok and fell in love with Phuket, in particular Rawai. Once they realized this was where they wanted make a home they decided to get into business and offer something that they felt would fit in to the area. A health food restaurant seemed like the right choice.

Left to right: Lee and his wife Eva and James in interview with the Farangbowl.

When I asked what separates ‘Fit Geeks’ from the competition Lee replied “At Fit Geeks we go into a bit more detail as to why certain foods are good for you”. The team all went on to describe to me what the benefits of certain foods are and what foods complement each other. I could see that these three partners all appeared to be really focused and passionate about what they have created with this restaurant. I was taken back when Lee and Eva confessed that they designed all the dishes themselves and didn’t get these recipes from the internet. I really liked the fact that when you come to ‘Fit Geeks’ you are getting food that you can only get at this restaurant, nowhere else.

Lef to right: Eva and James.

James, who is in partnership with Lee and Eva in the Salad Bar described to me how the menu works and how you can either create you own bowls or select something they created from the menu. There are labels on all the foods telling guests what the benefits of the foods are and what carbohydrates levels they contain. ‘Fit Geeks’ even has its own measuring spoons for those that are on the strictest of diets.

Left to right: Lee and James explaining the menu.

Once Lee and James had been through the menus with me I went for a suggestion of the boys which was a ‘Spirulina Pesto Pasta Super Bowl’ dish and an ‘Original Nutter Pro Bowl’ meal. I’d seen the ‘Original Nutter’ in a ‘Fit Geeks’ Instagram post and I’ve been wanting to try it ever since. It looks the business. Check out the photo’s below please!!!

Eva made my ‘Original Nutter’ and we had a great time talking about the punishment the resident blenders get put through. Once that was completed and on the table we went straight into the second kitchen and met with resident Chef Khun Pun who got to work on the ‘Spirulina Pesto Pasta’ Super Bowl dish. I was really impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen and how fresh all the produce looked. Chef Pun soon had the dish completed and then that was taken round to the table for tasting.

The first mouthful of the pasta released all kinds of flavours into my mouth. It just tasted so fresh and I could taste all of the ingredients in graphic detail and I’m not kidding. I probably haven’t eaten this healthily…ever!!! (No offense Mum). You could eat this and bounce around with the energy and nutrients it provides for hours on end I image.

Moving on from the Super Bowl to the ‘Original Nutter’ Pro Bowl. I just stared at it in awe for several seconds as my mouth gushed with saliva in anticipation of what was coming. I turned the bowl several times to appreciate as many perspectives as possible before breaching the dishes surface and taking in a mouthful. The moment I opened my eyes with joy, Lee burst out laughing as he new this meal was a winner.

I’ve stated the food here is great, and mean really good, however, there is also something about the energy of the restaurant and the people that run it that makes you feel welcome and at peace. I could see myself easily just popping in for a smoothie or a light lunch and shooting the breeze with friends and chilling out. This was evident when I walked around watching other guests sitting, talking and having a great time together. Well done Lee, Eva and James, I really think you are onto a winner here.

Left to right: James Alexander, James, Eva and Lee, co-owners of ‘Fit Geeks restaurant’.

Thank you to Lee, Eva and James and the ‘Fit Geeks’ team for a great time.

James Alexander

Fit Geeks restaurant

Owner/s: Lee, his wife Eva and partner James

Address: 28/65, Rawai, Phuket 83130

Call: 093 673 2379





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