KEEP CALM and HARLEY ON!’ talking Harley Davidsons with KEM Motorcycles in Wichit, Phuket

If you love motorcycles, I’m a believer that you’ll meet like minded souls who also enjoy the thrill of having something powerful between their legs and to hit the open roads and experience a sense of freedom.

Lef t to right: James Alexander, Ad, P. Kem (owner of KEM Motorcycles) and Poppy his daughter.

P. Kem the owner of KEM Motorcycles Phuket is one such like minded soul. I think it is fair to say that he lives and breathes them. His humble shop that buys, sells, services and customizes all manner of bikes, however, specializes in Harley Davidsons has an impressive selection of bikes for sale.

“I’ve always loved 2nd world war army bikes, that’s what got me into motorcycles”.

P. Kem – Owner of KEM Motorcycles Phuket.
Ex-US Army GI motorbike.
1999 Short tail Springer.

While walking around P. Kem’s store the Bowl asked what bike it was that he saw whilst growing up that made him decide that bikes are for him and to eventually make it his livelihood. “I’ve always loved 2nd world war army bikes, that’s what got me into motorcycles” he said.

An example of one such bike was on display and it reminded me straight away of American acting legend Steve McQueen and one of his crowning cinematic moments in the war film classic the ‘Great Escape’. Why didn’t he make it over the 2nd fence!!!

P. Kem let us ask him about the bikes on display and first up was one of his favorites, a rare looking red and black 1990 Harley Davidson Short Tail Springer. This was your stereotypical chopper style bike that would not be out of place in ‘Easy Rider’ (the movie).

I just think that with your hands that high in the air that they’ll go numb when the blood drains out your hands. P. Kem said you do have to shake your hands out every so often to get the feeling back.

The next bike to catch mine and Ad’s eye was a stunning red/orange and carbon fiber detailed Café Racer custom that originally started life as a Harley Davidson Lowrider. This customization was a creation of P. Kem’s workshop and looked incredible. There’s no doubt that P. Kem knows what he is doing when it comes to bikes.

Out front of the showroom was some non-Harley activity to include a KTM Duke a rather tasty looking Ducati Scrambler.

Left to right: KTM Duke and a Ducati Scramler.

The final bike on display was P. Kem’s favorite, a stunning gloss black 1,800cc Harley Davidson Glide. Ever since I was a child and my parents used to drive the family to Spain through France, we used to see these types of continental cruiser blasting by (clearly not this modern). And those memories were about to get rekindled.

Filming P. Kem on the Glide with his daughter Poppy in tow on another Harley was a great moment for me and I hope the Bowl captured it for all to enjoy. Once a biker, always a biker as they say.

Thank you to P. Kem and his daughter Poppy for showing the Bowl around the shop and reviewing their amazing motorcycles.

Left to right: Goodbye to KEM’s Motorcycles Shop (James, Ad, P. Kem and Poppy.

Company details

KEM Motorcycles Phuket

Owner/s:  Mr. Kem

Staff: Anne and Poppy

Address: V994+8RR, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000

Call: 081 529 4006


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Left to right: James getting a telling off from Ad.

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James Alexander

Farangbowl YouTube Channel – KEM’s Motorcycles Phuket in Thailand.