‘Lat Design Art Studio’ and ‘Art Corner Restaurant’ – Rawai, Phuket

Truth be known I was excited about this story. When I conceived the idea of the Farangbowl magazine I had a vision of the kind of content that I wanted to produce, be it the people I’d meet or the story behind the article. Well Lat, the lady that owns ‘Lat Design Art Studio’ in Rawai on Phuket Island was one such person. I met Lat many years ago when I lived in Rawai and I always wanted to sit and ask her how she got involved in art and what eventually led her to creating a business that has been successfully running for 17 years.

Lat Design Art Studio.

“Art is in my blood”

Lat owner of ‘Lat Design Art Studio.

We met and had a chat in the studio itself amongst all the smells of the oil paints, white spirit and completed canvases that are familiar to all that work in these environments. Lat’s resident staff artist Poomsat was painting away on a client’s project in the background. Yes, people, I was feeling pretty arty.

Left to right: James Alexander and Lat (owner Lat Design Art Studio).
Left to Right: James Alexander and Lat.
Resident staff artist Poomsat working on a painting for a client.

Now, what strikes you (or what ought to strike you) is that this art studio has been running a longtime and for anyone that has attempted to create a business here in Thailand will tell you, it’s not easy. This tells you that you are speaking with an intelligent, clever, knowledgeable and straight talking person. The second thing that will strike you is that Lat is a really attractive women who has the years on her side. I think the point I’m trying to convey here it that Lat has achieved a lot at a young age and must be a special person with very unique traits and abilities.

In the conversation Lat told of how she has always had a passion for art, saying “art is in my blood” and that led her to doing an art degree in the south of Thailand at Songkla University. Upon completion of her degree Lat quickly set up shop with a studio in Phuket and got down to painting. For those that are not familiar with Lat and her work, I will inform you that she is incredibly talented and that her studio provides oil canvases to most of the hotels and resorts in the area. So, next time you’re lying down in bed in your 5-star hotel room and admiring a painting on the wall, chances are it came from this studio.

Marvels superhero the Silver Surfer painted by Lat.

I once commissioned Lat to create a painting of Marvel Comic superhero the ‘Silver Surfer’ (see image on the right) for a present I was giving to someone.

All I had was an A3 size picture from a magazine and Lat created a huge canvas that was flawless. In all honesty, I cannot fault this women’s work.

Lat went on to tell the Farangbowl how she has another business called ‘Art Corner Restaurant’ (the restaurant is situated on the corner of a junction) that itself has been serving customers for 10 years. Previously called ‘Aroi Corner Restaurant’ (Aroi means delicious in Thai) the renamed ‘Art Corner Restaurant’ is a conception of Lat’s that is attempting to merge the studios art with the restaurant.

I arrived at the restaurant with the ‘art and restaurant’ concept sounding slightly unusual and difficult to visualize, but I have to say it works. The huge al fresco dining area that you are presented with upon arrival is welcoming and for a large area, it felt (dare I say it) cosy and warm. Behind the bar which sits in the centre of the venues plot is what I would call a lounge where guests can come and sit in private and enjoy the art hanging from its walls. I felt surges of the Mediterranean from this room and possibly a touch of France with the café style furniture and décor. Lat continued the guided tour and told of how a wine, cheese and bread shop will be soon opening next to the lounge and that wine tasting evenings will be the order of the day. No complaints here.

Left to right: James Alexander sampling the Pad Thai and prawns at Art Corner Restaurant with Lat.

The day came to conclusion with the Bowl being given the opportunity to sample some of the fine food made here. Lat ordered a Pad Thai with prawns and I must say (not because I know Lat) that this food was really good. Other western dishes are available if Thai food is not to your liking.

I would like to thank Lat and her staff for talking with the Bowl and we wish both her businesses every success.

James Alexander  

Lat Design Art Studio

Owner:                 Lat

Address:              Soi Sai Yuan, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, 83100.

Call:                      0862943971

Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/Lat-Design-284487192142213

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4ccuSAP5MxMQ5A1L6

Art Corner Restaurant

Owner: Lat

Address:              13, Soi Sai Yuan, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, 83100.

Call:                      0862943971

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4ccuSAP5MxMQ5A1L6

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James Alexander

Farangbowl YouTube Channel – The Lat Design Art Studio and Art Corner Restaurant.