‘Tandoori Flames’ – Indian restaurant in Patong

Following a visit in September 2021 to the ‘Tandoori Flames’ Indian restaurant in Patong and being blown away by the quality of their food, I promised the owner that I would return for a review. Well, I did just that and got to interview owner/manager Arun and his wife Ritika to find out how they came to making Patong their home and what they believe makes their food stand out from the competition.

The Tandoori Flames restaurant.

“The golden rule also is to use just cashew nuts”

Ritika, wife of the owner of ‘Tandoori Flames’.

Arun – native to Phuket – was born here and he decided to start ‘Tandoori Flames’ five years ago because he felt there was something missing and that existing Indian restaurants weren’t getting it right. I completely agreed with him and went on to ask what they were doing that the competition wasn’t. According to Arun’s wife Ritika, it is all in the ingredients and how fresh they are. The golden rule also is to use just cashew nuts and not peanuts as the oils produce a very different taste. This is more expensive Ritika added, however, it is worth it. I really got the sense that this couple were not just proud, but also passionate about what they are doing here.

Left to right: James Alexander, Ritika and husband Arun (owners of the Tandoori Flames).
Left to Right: Arun, Ritika, Capol (Tandoori chef) and Bradeeb (Head chef) and James Alexander.
Arun and Capol demonstrating the Tandoori oven.

I was then introduced to the resident chefs Bradeeb (Head Chef) and Capol (Tandoori) who have been perfecting their culinary skills for some 20 years. I ordered a Butter Chicken, Pilau Rice and Garlic Naan meal and they kindly agreed to let me film them making it. Just watching them move around the kitchen was a sight to behold.

I think all take for granted how our food is prepared and the effort that goes into to making it when we dine out.

Arun introduced me to the restaurants resident Tandoori oven that was shipped from India. A robust looking professional contraption that warms to a colossal 200 degrees. I thought I was going to melt my camera.

Both the Butter Chicken and Pilau Rice just popped off the table in colour and vibrancy and I couldn’t wait to start eating. The flavours were incredible, the rice cooked to perfection. In that moment I was instantly reminded why I had decided to return. I would like to add that it is not just the food that appeals but also the décor and most importantly the ambience of the ‘Tandoori Flames’ restaurant.

The ‘Tandoori Flames’ has three dining areas. Downstairs and outside al fresco, downstairs and inside the restaurant with a bar and a huge upstairs dining area that could easily accommodate private functions and parties for those that are interested.

James Alexander reviewing the Butter Chicken, Pilau Rice and Garlic Naan meal.

Thank you to Arun, Ritika, Bradeeb, Capol and all the staff for an incredible culinary adventure.

James Alexander  

Tandoori Flames Phuket

Owner:                 Arun Chawla

Address:              Soi Patong Tower, Beach Road (Thawewong road), Patong, Kathu District,

Phuket, 83150 (Next to Banana Walk)

Call:                      089 649 3430

Instagram:         https://www.instagram.com/tandooriflamesphuket/

Website:             https://tandooriflamesphuket.com/

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James Alexander

Farangbowl YouTube Channel – The Tandoori Flames.