‘Ducati scramblers’ and Motolimo Asia

The Bowl is always on the look out for a good article, so when we stumbled across luxury travel services company Motolimo and its fleet of Ducati Scramblers available to rent we couldn’t help but get in contact.

Jean Louis, CEO of Motolimo Asia.

I first sat with Motolimo CEO French born Jean Louis and got to ask him some questions about why he chose Phuket and in particular Cherntalay to settle down and start his business. Having previously traveled across Asia spending sometime in China, he told the Bowl that upon arrival here in 2020, Phuket felt like the place for him and that it felt like home which I guess, is a suitable answer that most of us expats can give.

Left to right: James Alexander and Jean Louis (CEO of Motolimo Asia).
Jean Louis Personal Assistant at the Motolimo offices.
Jean Louis in his office.

Motolimo started based a popular concept from Europe and in particular France where one can rent/hire a motorcycle taxi to transport you from A to B in a busy metropolitan city on a prestigious bike like a Harley Davidson or a Honda Goldwing. The idea being that the bike can get you there quicker than a car. The idea in Phuket being that you could arrange to get collected or taken from venue to venue on a huge bike in Phuket with the novelty of the concept being the lure. Motolimo did previously own a Harley and Goldwing however this concept did not go as planned and they were sold recently.

Motolimo is according to Jean Louis still very much in the bespoke and as he puts it “A La Carte” specialist travel services industry, but where the bikes are concerned, they have been replaced by a fleet of four Ducati scramblers. Following my meeting with Jean Louis, the CEO kindly allowed me to ride his pride and joy of the fleet, a limited edition Ducati Fasthouse scrambler (No. 399/800).

Being a real motorhead and serious motorcycle enthusiast I was honored to ride this bike. I was previously a Ducati virgin until this day and was full of excitement. My preference in bike types will always be racing spec such as the Ducati 996, however, I do have a love of Café Racers and this scrambler sits in those realms.

The handlebars were a bit wide set for me but the ride height, access to controls, comfort and sense of stability were all present and I relished in every moment. She made a unique sound that reminded me of that special noise Ferraris make. I knew I was on a Ducati and it felt how I imagined it should.

If you’re looking to book a tailored made trip in and around Thailand and your looking for the slightly unusual then Motolimo could be your first port of call. If you like Ducati scramblers and you’re on your way to this sunny Isle then look no further.


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Left to right: Jean Louis PA and Jean Louis.

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James Alexander