“Sak Yaat – Thai bamboo tattoos”

Having been following the subject of Thai Sak Yaat tattoos for some time (Sak means tattoo and Yaat mystical diagram), I managed to reach out to a master practitioner in Cherntalay in Phuket via Instagram. The artist’s name is ‘Ajarn Non’ (Ajarn means teacher) and he is 30 years old and lives with his partner girlfriend ‘Dare’ and one of their mothers at the house/studio or can I say temple.

Ajarn Non’s studio in Cherntalay.

I’ve been looking into other practitioners in this art that are based locally to me, however, there was something about the photos posted on ‘Ajarn Non’s’ Instagram page of the studio that told me that this was where to go for a story.

Mask decorations in the studio.

When I arrived and introduced myself, ‘Ajarn Non’ allowed me to film in his studio. When I entered I got a real sense of spiritual presence that not I’ve experienced in a while. It really was like a shrine that you might encounter when visiting a temple, albeit more personal, a private sanctuary that you are privileged to enter.

Pictures of respected monks long past gone, spiritual drawings and maps with scripture and animal figures and sculptures of Hindu gods and various figurines decorated this room.

I was lucky as one of ‘Ajarn Non’s’ clients arrived and gave me permission to film and speak with him during his session. His name was Dillon and although I didn’t ask, I’m quite sure he was English. Dillon was like a walking piece of art with Sak Yaat tattoos on his back, chest, and arms. I could see his love of this art and got a sense that this is and always will be an important part of his life. He informed me that his tattoos were all pre-planned and uniquely created by ‘Ajarn Non’.

Dillon’s back with Ajarn Non’s stunning Sak Yaat drawings and prayers.

Before my interview started with the Sak Yaat master and his partner, I got to watch the session conclude with Dillion. It involved prayer and the master holding the hand/arms of the subject. I later discovered that this is done before and after a tattoo is created. At the beginning, the master is informing his teachers/ancestors in the art that he is about to create another tattoo as if asking for permission and certainly paying respects. I gather something similar occurs at the end where blessings and positive energy and respect is offered.

“if they come to me then they are good people, if they are bad they will not come here”.

Ajarn Non

‘Ajarn Non’ learned his art in Bangkok from a Sak Yaat master where he practiced for 10 years. He is now 30 and continuing alone in Phuket. When asked what it was about this art that made him dedicate his life to it, he replied that he was fascinated by the various forms and designs and the spiritual significance of the creations. His masters taught him what the diagrams mean, and how only certain scripts or prayers can be matched to specific diagrams to evoke the powers of the drawings or tattoos.

Left to Right: Dillion, Ajarn Non, James Alexander and Dare.

I asked if he will tattoo anyone that visits or whether he has ever felt that someone’s energy wasn’t right and he had to refuse and he replied, “if they come to me then they are good people, if they are bad they will not come here”.

I liked this philosophy. One day he will pass on his skills to another and that person will come to him. He will not have to find them.

I imagine that if I was going to entertain the idea of getting Sak Yaat tattoo, then this is the place I would come to.

Left to Right: Group photo of Dillon, Ajarn Non, his partner Dare and James Alexander.

Sak Yaat & Bamboo tattoo – Bamboo Tattoo Phuket By Non.

Non’s Thai girlfriend ‘Dare’ speaks really good English!!!

Facebook: Sak Yaat Phuket Ajarn Non

Address: 33/7 Soi Koktanod 2 Ban Thalat Choeng Thaie,Phuket 83110

Call: 0627658234

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bamboo_tattoo_phuket_bynon/

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James Alexander

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