“You can’t handle the truth” – A 1941 US Army Jeep

It is not every day that you get an opportunity to strike an item off one’s bucket list, however, today I believe I managed to do just that. A friend of mine Peter is the proud owner of not one, but two US Army Jeeps. One is a 1941 and the other a 1944. The latter was having some much needed brakes maintenance but the ’41 was fortunately available to review.

US Army Jeep 1941.

Peter and I decided to but the star of the show on his lawn for some great photos and to show of the jeep in the best way possible. Just hearing him start up the ’41 and move it into position sent a thrill of excitement through me. I guess you could say that I’m a gear head and I confess that I do love all things motorised as will be evident in future Motoring articles.

Forgive my poetic license in using a memorable line from the classic war flick a ‘Few Good Men’ superbly executed by Jack Nicholson in this articles title. It is just that vehicles like this bring out the action man playing gung-ho war movie loving child in me that always wanted to experience being a soldier. Albeit for an hour or so.

Just one minute into a conversation with Peter and I fell under the same spell he did as his infectious love of this era and type of vehicle embraced me. He knows, loves and cares for these Jeeps like they are his children, and he has clearly made it his business to persevere them to factory specifications. I thoroughly enjoy meeting people like Peter and just pray that there are more like him in this world.

Peter was kind enough to let the Bowl go for a ride in the Jeep and the pair of us headed up the Big Buddha road and stopped at a cliff top café/bar for a drink. We spoke about the vehicle and current state of the world and for several moments put the world to rights.

The drive back to the house was as much a privilege as the one heading out. The sound of that Army Jeep still sits with me now as I write and I can’t express in these words how much I enjoyed reviewing this vehicle. A great day indeed.

Thank you to Peter for letting the Farangbowl come and review his incredible US Army Jeep. Perhaps we can return and look at the 1944 at some point in the not too distant future.

Left to right: James Alexander and Peter, owner of the US Army Jeeps.

To watch the video that supports this article and hear Peter talk in detail about the history of these Jeeps and how he bought and services them, please use the media viewer below or go to the Farangbowl YouTube Channel.

James Alexander

Watch the video that supports this article here.