‘The Breakfast Hut’

I decided to review a restaurant today that is particularly close to my heart as I’ve been eating at this venue for as long as I can remember. Loved by local expatriates and visiting tourists, ‘The Breakfast Hut’ breakfast and lunch diner has something special.

The Breakfast Hut restaurant.

Today, Thai owner Noi has agreed to talk with the Farangbowl and give her opinion of what she loves about the venue and why she believes its so popular. Over the past decade I’ve seen the Breakfast Hut exchange hands once and witnessed the new owners take it from strength to strength. It was during those years in my opinion that the restaurant became an institution and home from home to locals.

Left to right: James Alexander and Noi (owner of the Breakfast Hut).
Front dining area.
Quiet dining area.

The Breakfast Hut has two dining areas. One at the front of the building where you can sit in comfortable seats and watch the world go by or a quiet more private area to the left that sits behind a large water fountain. Along the left hand side wall of the quite area there is a pond that is around seven foot long that has a hand full of koi carp occupying its waters.

The menu is great and has a range of western style dishes from cooked breakfasts, baguettes, sandwiches, pasta and great tasting Thai food to name some of the selection.

The service is always on the money and I’ve never been disappointed by having to wait for my order.

Following my interview with Noi, I was allowed to go into the kitchen and watch my lunch being made by long term resident Chef P. Wat. She is legendary is my opinion and a master with the wok. It was a pleasure to watch her at work in the kitchen.

I ordered a chicken fried rice for lunch and it was everything I expected made with fresh ingredients moments before it arrived. I highly recommend the toasted sandwiches, baguettes and of course the full English breakfast.

My chicekn fried rice.

Thank you to Noi, P. Wat and the staff at the Breakfast Hut for letting the Farangbowl come and visit.

To watch the video that supports this article please use the media viewer below or go to the Farangbowl YouTube Channel.

James Alexander

Farangbowl YouTube Channel – The Breakfast Hut.