Health, Fitness & UNIT 27

For those of you that like a workout from time to time, you could have noticed that a lot of the gyms and training camps in Phuket have been closed due to restrictions caused by the global health concern.

Having encountered several notices on the doors of gyms stating that they had been forced to close following government guidelines I was pleasantly surprised when I found one that was open.

Unit 27 Primal Fitness on Soi Taed, Chalong, Phuket has all the facilities one might expect from a gym to include traditional conditioning machines, cardio-vascular favourites like stair masters and treadmills, they also have an array of free weights running along a mirrored wall.

Unit 27 isn’t just one gym, rather (and I quote), “the Unit 27 group is a collection of expert level fitness and nutrition facilities here in Phuket and Thailand that operate to achieve a harmonious balance for your fitness and conditioning training”. A one stop shop if you will that includes a Cross Fit centre, Restaurant (called ‘Trooper Eats’) and Primal Fitness all located on the Soi Taed Road.

The front of Unit 27 Primal Fitness on Soi Taed.

I was just pleased to find somewhere to train and made a b-line for the nearest rowing machine. ‘Downey’ the Thai receptionist shown in the main photo at Primal fitness was helpful and made me feel welcome. A days work out at this gym cost 199baht which is around £4 or $6.

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