“A real Monster 795”

This Ducati 795 Monster with modified Termignoni twin exhaust pipes was parked inside a local bedroom linen shop in Chalong, Phuket. Interesting machine.

Termignoni twin exhaust pipes.

“It makes a fair bit of noise”.

The Bowl

For those that don’t know, this bare looking street racer was produced and sold by Ducati from 2015. Dry, the bike comes in at 167kg which is around 368.2 pounds. It comes equipped with a V2 four-stroke power plant that can produce a total output of 85hp at 8,250rpm. The L-Twin fuel-injected power plant has an engine size of 803ccm or 49.00 cubic inches.

The Monster 795 has a tubular chrome molly steel trellis and a casted aluminium subframe. The front suspension consists of 43mm upside-down forks and a double side swing arm at the back. The 795 sits on 120/60-ZR17 tyres at the front and 160/60-ZR17’s at the rear. This behemoth is slowed down by a front and rear double-disc braking system consisting of four-piston callipers of 320mm or 12.6inches and 245mm or 9.6inches respectively.

Ducatic 795 Monster – Riders view.

If you go onto YouTube you’ll find several top speed claims for the 795 ranging from 228Km/PH (141M/PH) to 300Km/H (186M/PH). However, all these claims are unconfirmed by Farangbowl.

This style of motorcycle isn’t for me, I’m more of a cafe racer or track racing bike man. The owner of this Ducati tells me it makes a fair bit of noise.

The Bowl