The Big Boss

I went and had a great lunch at the @Bakery in Rawai, Phuket on Soi Sai Yuan road and was greeted by the resident cat on the way into the restaurant. I was told the cat doesn’t really move from this spot hence the reason they marked it’s area with mini warning bollards. His name by the way is “Boss”.

His name is “Boss”.

The Bowl

To prove the Boss doesn’t move from this spot, I went to pick up a couple of loaves of bread from the @Bakery’s fine selections of breads several days later and the Boss and the warning bollards surrounding him were in the same position. Just brilliant, I love this kind of respect afforded to animals.

The food and service here was worth a recommendation and the menu is really extensive and good value. I was pleasantly surprised that the pictures in the menu actually matched the food that arrived. On this occassion I ordered a French baguette (and it was a proper not too fat French baguette) with chicken and mayonnaise.

As prevsiously mentioned, the Bakery itself produces some fine treats to include apple crumbles, pineapple Danish rolls and various other cakes and baking matter. All their breads are freshly made and include a variety of French Baguettes (plain white or seeded to name two) and large loaves from rustic whites to wholemeal and granary.

They even have their own bread cutter (not dismilar to the ones they have in Sainsbury’s – for fellow brits) to slice the bread for you. The only dissapounting thing with it though is that it can just cut one size which in thin (too thin) and I like a medium cut.

The menu left me reeling to try more dishes which is I will be returning when possible.

The Bowl